24 August, 2021

Picture Book Round Up - Mid-2021 Edition

 Regularly I read a number of picture books for work. Sometimes they're a hit, and sometimes they're a dud. Here are some that I've read so far this year that I think are fantastic additions to anyone's collection.

All pictures are from Goodreads unless otherwise stated.

Rissy No Kissies by Katey Howes - Rissy is a little lovebird who doesn't like kisses. Which causes quite a stir in her community. How can she be a proper lovebird if she doesn't like kisses? But Mama reassures Rissy that she's still a lovebird even if she doesn't like kisses, and encourages her to show her love in other ways like wing-bumps and hugs. This story is fantastic for teaching children that it's okay to have boundaries and that they can express love and affection in more ways than one.

What Will You Be? by Yamile Saied Mendez - A cute little story about a child who dreams of what she could be when she gets older. Though many people have opinions, it's with the help of her Abuela (grandmother) that she truly explores all the possibilities. Children will be delighted with the colorful pictures and the many fantastical ideas of what they could be when they grow up.

We Are Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom - A child friendly explanation of the the ongoing conflict between the Indigenous communities and large oil companies. Many native lands have been destroyed by oil pipelines due to leakage, destruction of sacred sites, and the destruction of habitats for the local wildlife. This book is very timely and a great way to start on a journey to help protect the land and communities.

Sam is my Sister by Ashley Rhodes-Courter - This story focuses on a family with three children, one who slowly transitions throughout the book from a boy to a girl. Though one of her brothers struggles with the idea at first, he quickly becomes her defender from bullies. Full of easy to understand language, this book is great for children of all ages to understand that there's no difference between cis and transgender people.

Can I Give You A Squish? by Emily Neilson - A cute story about a young mermaid that loves to give squishes (hugs). One day though he meets a fish who hates being hugged. Slowly, he learns that perhaps it's better to ask how someone likes to be greeted instead of just giving your default squish. A fantastic story that teaches readers that just like Rissy No Kissies, you should always ask how someone wants to be greeted.

How Many Kittens Could Ride a Shark? by Clara Celia - This book is a great introduction to pre-k students on mathematical concepts dealing with length. Full of fun illustrations and silly questions, kids will love the challenge of guessing the answer to each new question present. (As for how many kittens can ride a shark? The answer's 12.)

Do NOT Take Your Dragon to Dinner by Julie Gassman - Returning with another hilarious book in her Do NOT take your dragon places series, Julie Gassman shows readers exactly why dragons aren't good dinner guests. This book is a fun way to point out bad manners at the dinner table in a humorous way. Children will be delighted by the colorful pages and just ridiculous notion that a dragon could possibly destroy the dining room before you even sit down to eat.

The Very Impatient Caterpillar by Ross Burach - Caterpillar is very impatient. He really wants to know what everyone is doing all the time, and wants to know if it's time to emerge yet. A fantastic way for young readers to learn about patience and about butterflies at the same time. Though the book is mostly humor, it does contain some real facts about the life cycle of a caterpillar and what it takes to become a butterfly. 

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