17 March, 2020

[Review] Cats are a Liquid by Rebecca Donnelly

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Series or Stand Alone: Stand Alone
Release Date: 8 October, 2019
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
Genre: Children's Fiction/Science/Picture Book/Humor
ISBN: 9781250206596
Edition: Hardcover Picture Book
Rating: ★★★★
Review Written: 10 February, 2020
Warnings: None
Cats fill./ Cats spill./ Cats flow downhill./ Cats tip./ Cats drip./ Cats grip, snip, rip./ Cats are a liquid/ Except when they’re not.

Celebrate cats in all their flowing, furry glory! This charming picture book examines the unusual physical properties of felines. Inspired by an Ig Nobel Prize–winning investigation of how cats behave like liquids, it introduces some of the physical properties of liquids—they adapt to fit a container, they flow like fluids—and is just pure fun. Like its inspiration, it makes you laugh, then think. Back matter includes a brief introduction to the different physical states: solid, liquid, gas.

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Obligatory cat tax, Gwen in her natural environment.

I love cats. They're fluffy little monsters that have no business being as sweet as they are. This book, Cats are a Liquid delightfully and colorfully depicts the natural state of cats. Given their precarious love of being in very odd situations, positions, and spots of a home, this book introduces to children to different types of liquids. 

Cats are, of course, a solid... until they're not. Masters of squeezing themselves into smaller boxes and containers allows for an imaginative display of the states of matter. Cats are in fact, an Oobleck - a state of matter that settles somewhere between a liquid and a solid. This silly book even provides a recipe for making Oobleck at the end along with a statement from the author about the different states of matter. 

This picture book is perfect for any story time that features the states of matter or cats. I know that I will be using it in future programs when we discuss animals or science. As for my cat, Gwen, she also approves of this book. 

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