19 August, 2017

Some New and Old Children's Books to Check Out

Children's books are perhaps one of the main staples of what I work with on a daily basis. Whether they're board books or picture books, Children's books are a wonderful joy if they're written well. And through the joy of NetGalley, I've found 3 newish books to check out for potentially adding to your collection.

First up is Where is My Coat? by Anita Bijsterbosch that will be published on November 15th, 2017. In this adorable board books, children are challenged to name what the animals are based on their silhouettes with answers provided on the second page. This book will help work with children who are just learning their farm animals or animals in general, teaching them to recognize shapes of animals. 

I suggest if you're in need of some new board books in your classroom or library, this book should potentially be in that collection.

Second up, is a cute picture book called The Social Butterfly by Beth Bracken. In this story, a lovely little butterfly girl named Charlotte loves to play with all of her friends. She flutters from place to place to do a special activity with each and every friend. Still, Charlotte has to learn when the right time to socialize is when she continually tries to talk to her friends in class, sing with friends still working, and causing distractions in the classroom. She even manages to be so busy talking during lunch time that she and her friends forget to eat, leaving them terribly hungry at recess. After a day of children getting angry with her for trying to continue her bad habits, Charlotte learns to be quiet and listen so others can get a chance to learn. 

This adorable book is a good lesson for children who enjoy being really talkative, showing that there are times to talk and that there are times to listen. I'll definitely be on the look out for this book when it comes up on the market in early February 2018.

My final book, I'll confess, is not completely a new book, having been released in October 2016. That said, it was a new to me book and a cute library themed adventure with pirates! Pirates in the Library by Nadia Ali is a cute book that follows the crew of the good ship Sweet Alma Marie as they search for the treasure of the "Dread Pirate Dewey" from a map designed by Ms. Benitez, the librarian in town. 

Though the pirates don't have the best of manners at first, speaking loudly and crashing into the library, Ms. Benitez takes everything in stride. Her focus becomes teaching the pirates that books can be treasures that everyone enjoy. Working as an introductory guide to children to what the library offers (which is a little bit of everything!), Pirates in the Library should potentially be part of your library's collection of story time books for school visits and story times to new visitors.

To sum up my feelings on these books, I think I will be looking into adding all three of these books to my library's collection, ready to hunt out something new for my collection.

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