14 November, 2014

Book Tour Review: The Ripper's Wife by Brandy Purdy

The Ripper's Wife 

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A suspenseful, spellbinding novel of love, jealousy, and murder, The Ripper's Wife re-imagines the most notorious serial killer in history through the eyes of the woman who sealed his fate.

"Love makes sane men mad and can turn a gentle man into a fiend."

It begins as a fairytale romance--a shipboard meeting in 1880 between vivacious Southern belle Florence Chandler and handsome English cotton broker James Maybrick. Courtship and a lavish wedding soon follow, and the couple settles into an affluent Liverpool suburb.

From the first, their marriage is doomed by lies. Florie, hardly the heiress her scheming mother portrayed, is treated as an outsider by fashionable English society. James's secrets are infinitely darker--he has a mistress, an arsenic addiction, and a vicious temper. But Florie has no inkling of her husband's depravity until she discovers his diary--and in it, a litany of bloody deeds...

Praise for the Novels of Brandy Purdy

"Recommended for readers who can't get enough of the Tudors and have devoured all of Philippa Gregory's books." ?Library Journal on The Boleyn Wife

"Purdy wonderfully reimagines the behind-the-scenes lives of the two sisters." ?Historical Novel Reviews on The Tudor Throne

"I love Brandy Purdy's books, she does thorough research into the lives of the people in the Tudor era and it shows in her writing style. Very descriptive, engaging characters makes The Queen's Rivals a page turning novel. If you are a fan of the Tudor era like I am, then this book is a must." -CelticLady's Reviews on The Queen's Rivals

"The writing is inviting, intense and flawless, rich with the flavor of English country life as well as court life. The political machinations, the tragedy to befall the Dudley family and the mystery surrounding Amy's death were weaved to captivating detail and the end result is a mesmerizing work of historical fiction that puts Brandy Purdy on my "must read" list." -Psychotic State Book Reviews on The Queen's Pleasures

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About the Author
Brandy Purdy is the author of several historical novels. When she's not writing, she's either reading or watching classic movies. She currently lives in Beaumont, TX. Visit her website at http://www.brandypurdy.com for more information about her books. You can also follow her via her blog at http://brandypurdy.blogspot.com/ where she posts updates about her work and reviews of what she has been reading.


Series: N/A
Release Date: 27 October, 2014
Publisher: Kensington Books
Genre: Historical Fiction
ISBN:  9780758288899
Edition: Paperback
Review Written: 14 November, 2014

An intriguing tale of Jack the Ripper, Purdy's tale focuses around a young woman named Florence Chandler. Florence, a young Southern belle, meets a seemingly perfect gentleman on an ocean voyage, a cotton broker James Maybrick. They have an intense yet brief courtship and an elaborate wedding shortly after, landing the couple settled in a Liverpool suburb. Things aren't always as they seem, and dreams can only do so much to blind a young woman of the truth.

Florie's family isn't nearly as rich as she's been portrayed and the high society treats her as an upstart and outsider. Several times, she thinks perhaps she should confess to her husband (before the wedding and a few times afterwards) that she's not the American Heiress her mother portrayed her to be, yet she finds that the fear of losing him is far higher than the need to be honest. For James, the secrets are far darker. The man has an arsenic addiction, a vicious temper, and a mistress - all things Florie could forgive except for one little fact... she's found his diary, and read the gruesome things that he details. 

It would seem that her husband has a habit of killing young women, and Florie doesn't know what to do... does she turn him into the police or stay quiet in hopes of keeping her marriage together. Purdy's tale is a thrilling, invigorating and deeply invoking tale that leaves readers wanting more.

I highly recommend reading it.

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