12 June, 2014

Book Tour: The Reapers by Jacinta Maree

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The day you die is meant to be the end, but for 18 year old Jordon Hastings, his death was only the beginning.

In a dark and twisted world, lost spirits known as Reapers remain behind after death to help collect the spirits from the realm of the living. A new Reaper, Jordon struggles to accept his fate and lingers in the shadows of his mortal life. But when a demon wolf starts to live through his shadow, hunting his family and friends Jordon has no choice but to leave. As soon as he accepts his new role the truth behind the relationship between Reapers and Angelic Hunters is revealed. His loyalty is tested, making him choose between a corrupted God and a single Banished Spirit.



Self confessed chocaholic, Jacinta was born and raised in Melbourne Australia with her loving family of five. Even as a child Jacinta had an itch to write. Writing was the one constant hobby she clung to, also trying her hand at piano, flute, tennis, horseback riding and drama.

Jacinta works full time in the family business and spends her afternoons either playing basketball, reading, writing or hanging out with friends. She is always happy to try something new; getting her real estate license, practicing ninjitshu, Zumba and parkour to name a few.

For her future, Jacinta sees herself writing. It is a large part of her identity and something she hopes to continue. Aside from her love of stories she loves Japan and its unique and beautiful culture and history. From their delicious sushi dishes right down to their wooden sandals and kimonos. She is also a huge cat person and loves to snuggle up in front of the fire for a good movie or book. Her favorite genres are paranormal and fantasy but she also loves anything written by thriller writer, Stephen King.

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Series: My Demonic Ghost #2
Release Date: 17 September, 2013
Publisher: Staccato Publishing
Genre: fiction/paranormal/young adult
Edition: Ebook
Review Written: 11 June, 2014

I wish to apologize that this review is mildly late. Summer Reading programs have started up at the library and well, other responsibilites comes first sometimes. I do apologize for the inconvenience.

Reading books of a series out of order typically bothers me, but even without reading the first book, The Reapers provided enough background that the reader can form an attachment to the characters and situations without it. 

Stepping into the world of the Reapers, readers are introduced to Jordon Hastings, a young man who by all rights should be dead. Beaten and hit by a car, Jordon wakes from what he thinks is a really horrible dream in a hospital bed with only mild head injuries. Convinced he'd been dreaming, he attempts to reenter his life again, but strange things keep happening. There seems to be someone in a cloak following him around, and he's the only one who seems to be able to remember. His shadow also seems to have a mind of it's own now, a huge demonic wolf having slipped into it, leaving Jordon on edge.

Eventually Jordon has to face the facts that he should be dead. And that he'll have to leave his family behind if he wants to keep them safe. He can't quite seem to let go though, a mistake that will cost him dearly. When one of his friends accidentally catches Jordon doing his reaping duty when on a banished soul, things go haywire. Jordon's mistake of remaining with his family and trying to continue his life as normal costs his friend Mark his life, leaving Jordon with a horrible guilt. It's after this that the process that should have been completed upon his death is finished, leaving Jordon unknown to anyone, just a generic face in the crowd. 

But Jordon can't just leave his family behind. Unwittingly, he causes more issues for his family, eventually leading to the accidental death of his younger brother. This tips Jordon into a need to protect the younger's soul as it's become a banished, prompting a string of events not even the Angelic Hunters could have predicted. 

Maree's writing flows together well, giving the reader a sense of belonging despite the amount of strange things going on. Her descriptions of places allows for building a mental picture of the worlds, the characters, and everything involved. I definitely will be looking for the first book of this series as well as any other books that might come along.

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  1. Thank you SO much Kathryn for the incredible review! >_< I am so happy and pleased to hear such wonderful compliments. I really, really appreciate your time and effort in reading and reviewing The Reapers, especially during such a busy time.

    Much love,
    Jacinta Maree.