17 February, 2014

Upcoming Changes

I haven't spoken about it much here, but I am in a period of transition at the moment. I recently accepted a new job two states away, and have been working frantically to get everything figured out and settled. As it stands at this moment on February 17th, I will be moving on Saturday, February 22nd, to Montgomery, AL. 

This means, of course, I will be without Internet for a couple of days until I can get Charter out to hook up internet in my apartment. There's also the issue of packing like a mad-woman and a few other necessities to take care of before Saturday will most likely prevent me from updating very much. I have a couple of books that need to be reviewed as well as a movie, and I will do my best to either get the reviews posted or to get them queued up so that they'll publish throughout the week while I work on getting moved.

All the best and happy blogging!

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