21 November, 2013

A Worthy Kickstarter

Over the years I've read my fair share of book series. I've read the Harry Potter series, the Twilight series, and a number of other series including the A Song of Fire and Ice series.  That said, one of the series I've enjoyed a lot is the Looking Glass Wars series, a trinity of books that focus on an alternate version of Lewis Carroll's famous books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. In the series, Alyss (Alice) is the princess of the Queendom of Wonderland (a queendom is just as it sounds, a kingdom ruled by the queen and passed along via the female children verse the male). During a coup d'├ętat on her birthday, Alyss is spirited away to the Pool of Tears by her mother's faithful bodyguard Hatter Maddigan (The Mad Hatter). Separated in their journey into our world during the Victorian Era, Alyss finds herself lost and eventually adopted into the Liddell Family. I won't say much more than that as to say more would spoil the books for you, however, it is worth noting that the second and third books follow what happens when she goes back to take her crown. 

From this sprang a graphic novel series based around Hatter Maddigan, which as reached four novels thus far. And now the author, Frank Beddor, is looking for help on financing the fifth and final graphic novel of the Hatter M series as well as financing his next book for the Looking Glass Wars universe. You can find his kickstarter here: 

Honestly, I'd love to help with this kickstarter, but sadly money doesn't grow on trees. Still, it looks interesting plus some of the contribution prizes look amazing (especially that one for $2000 that's already gone). I'd definitely suggest going to check it out in the very least. Maybe if I save up the money before the kickstarter date is up, I can contribute for a copy of the graphic novel in the very least.

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